JMCC digest week ending 8 February 2015

1. Journey MC Church Future Events

2. Weekly Worship

3. Asylum and Refugee group

4. Journey Film Club

5. Other Events

6. Green Suggestions

7. Cyber Sermon


At Journey we are a community where the people own and have responsibility for the Church. At the AGM we determined that the congregational meetings are to have more say in the running of our group and the Board will meet less often to deal with more administrative matters. We have an increasing membership but a less money, there we have to cut back on the pastor’s time and other financial matters. Therefore I have organised three meeting to start this year and it is imperative that these meetings are well supported and we make the best decisions re our future

A. The Basics: where are we going at the moment from a position of being grounded in the reality of where we are now?
25/1/15 agreed notes on who Journey is. Do let me have any comments please
A friendly welcoming safe space
A church to belong to and feel accepted
We learn and grow through encountering others diverse views and experiences
Journey is a place where we are often challenged and set free to think and act in different ways and doubt is respected
We are a playful and creative church
We draw on the Christian tradition but emphasise values over dogma
We create Journey together and everyone’s contribution is needed
We recognise we belong to a wider community and strive to be active in it
We are on a spiritual journey of change and transformation

B. Resources: what talents, money and willingness do we have to achieve our dreams: Green, Worship, Film, Asylum, Line Dancing, and Outreach…? 15 February

C. Roles: what are our responsibilities? Those of the pastor with his reduced hours and UFMCC etc.? 15 March.

These will be after the morning worship with a shared lunch and we will start the meetings at 1pm and finish by 3pm at the latest. All are welcome

UFMCC New Moderator Nominations

The Moderator Nominating Committee (MNC) of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) is pleased to invite MCC laity and clergy all over the world to participate in our open call for nominations, informed by the Moderator Selection Criteria Guide that is now available.

The Moderator Selection Criteria Guide produced by the MNC is based upon global feedback and contributions from MCC laity, clergy, staff, and current and former Elders. The Guide will assist all those who feel called to serve as Moderator, as well as those who wish to nominate prospective candidates. It provides the pertinent information regarding the role and responsibilities of the Moderator, as well as the details regarding our open nomination process.

The most important feature of the Guide is that it outlines the qualifications and standards the MNC will use to evaluate and nominate up to five (5) qualified candidates for Moderator who will be presented for election by clergy and lay delegates. It is our hope that this document will serve as an effective and useful tool for all those interested in the nomination process.

Nominations may be submitted from 1 February through 15 March 2015. All nominations will be considered by the MNC as it works to develop a targeted list of applicants for our Invitation to Apply for the Office of Moderator.

Once nominations have been received, the MNC will then ask the targeted applicants to complete an application form, indicating their willingness to participate in the selection process that has been developed by the MNC and approved by the Governing Board.

For more details see


11 -12:15 am Emmaus Road with an interactive sermon, prayer space, Communion and songs @ St Paul’s Church, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham B3 1QZ.

This is a Christian service with hymns and readings from the Bible. It has an interesting interactive sermon where we discuss the theme introduced and allowing us all to have our say from whatever theological position we come from and wherever we are on our spiritual journeys. This is postmodern and stimulates an inclusive community and helps us more from faith to action in the world around us.

5 -7 pm Illuminate @ BLGBT Centre 38/40 Holloway Circus B1 1EQ

Spirituality without religion includes live acoustic music, meditation and friendship. Following on in the second hour is tea and coffee and a discussion devised by one of the group. All are welcome at Birmingham LGBT centre (next door to bar Jester).


Friday 16th January 1- 3 pm @ BLGBT Centre 38/40 Holloway Circus B1 1EQ

There is a great need to support LGBT people attempting to find a safe place to live. They come with the facts of their abuse and torture, rejection by families and friends from all over the world especially Africa and the Middle East. They are not well support by the Home Office often taken to detention centres and isolated from the support the need here in the UK. We provide a lunch, drinks, bus fares curtesy of Birmingham Pride and we give gifts from the church. So please bring winter clothes, toiletries etc. Come and just listen and be caring.

This meets every third Friday of the month.

4. Journey Film Club

February Newsletter


Hello Journey Film Clubbers,
Where does the time go? It feels like only yesterday that we were wishing you a ‘Happy New Year’ and here we are in February, with what feels like whiplash and very cold noses. The world had definitely gone topsy-turvy last month and there wasn’t much to smile about on the news, however, Journey Film Club will always be there to give you some much needed escapism. This month, we have an eclectic mix of comedy, romance, drama, thriller, and a slice of girl power to chase the blues away and get you in the swing of 2015. As, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have so brilliantly pointed out: “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!”

Social Event:


Sunday 15 Feb 2015
Location: Pret a Manager, Unit 2 22-24 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2QD – 3pm

If you want a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to cosy up to a latte, tuck into some cake and also digest some film natter then Sunday 4th Jan is a day you need to pencil in. That’s right folks, our ‘Coffee, Cakes and Conversation’ afternoon is back, a chance to grab some yummy cake and meet some fantastic people!


Tuesday 3rd February 2015
Calvary (2014) – 7:15PM
Birmingham LGBT Centre: 38/40 Holloway Circus B1 1EQ,
Free entry donations towards refreshments
“She’s an odd one. The things she comes out with. It’s like she’s trying to drag you down into the muck. Do you know what felching is?”
Written and directed by John Michael, this Irish dark comedy/thriller will have you laughing at all the wrong moments. Brendan Gleeson stars as Father James, a small town priest who is about to have a really bad week – someone in his parish wants to kill him in a week. As Father James tries to fathom what he assumes is an idle threat, life throws everything it can at him, including an estranged daughter. The dry wit and humor of the Emerald Isle comes into its own with the help of: Chris O’Dowd, Kelly Reilly, Aidan Gillen, Dylan Moran and Isaach de Bankolé.

Tuesday 17th February 2015
Mona Lisa Smile (2003) – 7:15PM
Birmingham LGBT Centre: 38/40 Holloway Circus B1 1EQ
Free entry, donations towards refreshments
“I thought I was headed to a place that would turn out tomorrow’s leaders, not their wives!
Directed by Mike Newell, Mona Lisa Smile is a heart-warming and uplifting drama about the roles that society placed on 1950’s women. The story follows a nonconformist art teacher, Katherine Ann Watson (Julia Roberts) as she pursues her dream of teaching at the prestigious Wellesley College. She soon realises that the intelligent female students are more concerned with the right marriage, instead of their education. Roberts, as always, gives a stunning performance as the strong female lead that shakes things up, pushes boundaries and questions the norms of society. Supported by, the sassy swag of Maggie Gyllenhaal, the cutie-pie innocence of Julia Styles and the icy glares of Kirsten Dunst, Mona Lisa Smile will pack a punch. This is in essence, the female version of The Dead Poets Society, but with better costumes and plenty of bitchy comebacks!

Thursday 19th February 2015
Beaches (1988) – 7PM
Free Entry
“But enough about me, let’s talk about you… what do YOU think of me?”
Ort, 500-504 Moseley Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 9AH
(Ample cycle parking located opposite and free car parking available around the venue – the no. 50 Bus route connects Moseley Road to Birmingham city centre.)
Directed by Garry Marshall, and based on the novel by, Iris Rainer Dart, Beaches tells the story of two little girls, who are polar opposites in terms of class and social stature. CC Bloom (Bette Midler) is a New York child performer who has always had to work for what she wants in life, one day at the beach, she meets Hillary (Barbara Hersey), a privileged rich girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Against all the odds they become best friends, and this friendship continues throughout their lives, as they support one another through hardships, love and the crazy world of showbiz. With the fabulous talent, on screen presence and comedic genius of Midler and the enthusiastic gleefulness of Hersey, Beaches will make you laugh, sing and almost definitely give you an: ‘I have something in my eye,’ moment!

5. Other Events

LINE DANCING is every Thursday @BLGBT Centre 7-9pm its fun and for all levels

LGCM HERITAGE Gems in the attic: 25 years

Saturday 21 February from 2-6pm at Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, London E2

To mark LGBT History Month, come and join us for an afternoon looking at some of the ‘gems from the attic’ which have been uncovered as part of our ongoing heritage project, Christian Voices Coming Out. Much of the material has been deposited at the LSE and Bishopsgate Institute archives, but we have some copies of the gay press going back to the 70s as well as LGCM’s newsletters over almost 40 years and our earliest membership registers, for people to browse and reminisce over a cup of tea and a cake.


Rainbow Spirit meets every first Friday @ Birmingham LGBT centre. Our next meeting will be on Friday February 6 at 7.00 in the centre. We will be talking about the situation of gay people in a number of countries, using film material and personal accounts. – Promises to be a very interesting evening, and a reminder that we are very fortunate in this country.


When? Friday to Monday (bank holiday) May 1 to 4, 2015

Cost: From Dinner on Friday to Lunch on Monday £160-£190 all-inclusive BUT for those on low incomes there are great reductions or even a few free places

Where? Whaley Hall, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, nr Manchester SK 23 7BL


· Circle dance, folk dance, ballroom dance etc.

· Singing – rounds, simple harmony, chants

· Ceilidh (Sat evening) – dress up or dress down

· Soiree (Sun evening) – bring your favourite music / poem etc. to share, or join the audience

· Possible walks or cream teas (or both!) in the Peak District and Buxton

The Venue Whaley Hall welcomes a large range of groups for conferences, workshops and celebrations. The aim of the centre is to provide ‘a warm, peaceful and non-institutional atmosphere’ where guests ‘can be supported and refreshed’

Accommodation is mainly in twin bedded rooms; meals will be vegetarian, and will be served by members of the resident community. There are a number of rooms for workshops as well as comfortable lounges for relaxation

Further Information about the event contact Jon on 07974 477206 jonghomer

Information about the venue – please visit the website


May 1 – 4, 2015 Whaley Hall, Whaley Bridge, nr Manchester

I would like to book a place on this event.

Name ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Address …………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Telephone…………………………………… Email ………………………………………………

I enclose a deposit / payment of £………………..

I will pay a total of £ ………….. (between £160 and £190 please, if possible before Easter)

My bank details – J G Homer Lloyds Bank 30 92 33 / 03683937; if you decide to pay by internet, please send me an email to let me know – Thanks

Any special requests – diet / quiet space, etc.

Do you want to bring an instrument? If so, what instrument?

Signed: Date

Please return the completed form to

Jon Homer, 212 Sovereign Road, Earlsdon, Coventry CV5 6LU email: jonghomer Tel (for enquiries) 07974 477206



Spring 2015 Roadshow and Programme


Come along and see our new Spring/Summer 2015 range and get an early bird discount.

Saturday 14th February, 10am – 4pm
Cranmer Methodist Church,
289 Newhampton Road West
Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton

Browse our new range and get an extra 10% discount on all craft and card orders placed on the day. Plus don’t miss special offers on groceries too!.

Ensure that you book your place via Susan susans or Suzanne suzannew so in the unlikely event we have to cancel we can contact you.

Travel information: The trains to Wolverhampton are petty regular as they are either coming or going through to Birmingham. Taxis cost around £4 from the station.

The bus station is a couple minutes walk from the train station and the best bus to catch is the 6 or 6a to Pendeford which runs every 10/15 mins, then get off at Riches Street. You can see the church from the bus stop (if you’re coming from the town the church is across the road). At present bus fare is £2 single or £3.90 return.


10am – Delicious ground coffee (or tea!) and browse the brand new Spring range and ‘Market Place’ and pick up some sale bargains

11am – Larry Bush (Marketing Director) ‘Fair Necessities’

12pm – Launch of ‘Fair Necessities’ Appeal and Q&A

12.30pm – Lunch (not provided), browse products and ‘Market Place’

2pm – Speakers from Liberation & Value Added Africa.

3pm – Tea and cake, complete orders and ‘Market Place’

4pm – Close

The Road Show ‘Market Place’ is made up of display stands from Traidcraft Grocery Team, Liberation, Value Added Africa, Meet The People, Traidcraft Policy Unit and Clean & Fair.

If you’ve haven’t signed up yet, don’t delay; hear the latest from Bangladesh, see the videos, get extra discount AND a goodie bag! Book your place via Susan susans or Suzanne suzannew.

See you there!

The Traidcraft team


1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Is it an issue these days?
epi-pen training
nuts on plane

Sacrificed to idols/other Gods
Pluralistic view-points
we worry less about offending God

Our church

However, are there times when we have to be careful not to

"sin against members of your family, and wound their conscience"
our church family members
other church family members

Not straight-forward
Differences in times of Acts
So much more now
what about important principles – equality / poverty / injustice etc

Might only be applicable in certain situations
Important to others
not important to us
different to Jesus turning over the tables

Rights and responsibilities
help others to grow in faith and understanding
what else?
in this church

But we probably sit on both sides of this in different ways
are you a real Christian/decent human being if you…
accept/reject x type of people
eat meat
don’t pay a living wage

Being right or being loving

Can’t please everyone
old man, boy and donkey

care of our communities large and small
extending to the world
Both biblical and this story

Peace and joy


Minister: Rev Stephen Bentley

Mobile number: 07734 155664

St Paul’s Church

Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham B3 1QZ




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