Digest week ending 8 June 2014

  1. Journey News
  2. Weekly Worship
  3. Future Events
  4. Green Suggestion

The Pastoral Search Committee has been meeting regularly over recent months and we are getting close to the point where we will be able to advertise the position of permanent Pastor. Before we do that we would like to meet with any interested members of the congregation to talk through the work we have done, the paperwork we have produced and our plans for moving forward with the process. Therefore we will hold a congregational meeting on Sunday 15th June at 1pm and hope you will be able to attend.

This meeting is for members and friends of Journey

Message from the Board

Kath Cheer has Stephe’s church mobile until the end of the week and will be checking it daily and responding to any messages.

Please also remember that the Pastoral Care Team and Board members are available to you.

If you think there is anyone who should know about this but who is not on the email list, please can you tell them.

Many thanks and we will keep you updated.

If you have any questions, do give me a call.


11 -12:15 am Emmaus Road with an interactive sermon, prayer space, Communion and songs @ St Paul’s.

5 -7 pm Illuminate @ BLGBT Centre 38/40 Holloway Circus B1 1EQ

Illuminate is a non-religious space with no formal liturgy sacred and secular music playing. Some silence is observed in a darkened room, a discussion followed led by a group member or an informal chat in the second half. It is a space for reflection and inspiration without a particular religious dimension.


18-20 July Weekend Away ‘Celebrating Our Spiritual Journeys’ @ Haye Farm Bewdley £20 deposit. Costs minimum (camping) £45, breakeven £100 normal price £125

Karuna Visit

The Green Group is planning a visit to Karuna for Saturday the 20th of September.

Transport : a mini bus has been arranged and anyone interested can contact either, Pam.Dennis and Davy

We in tend to invite other groups as well



The plastic used in a typical printer cartridge is expected to take at least 1,000 years to decompose

Peace and joy


Minister: Rev Stephen Bentley

Mobile number: 07734 155664

St Paul’s Church

Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham B3 1QZ

Email: stephen.bentley

Web: www.journeymcc.wordpress.com


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