Digest week ending 18 May 2014

  1. Journey News
  2. Weekly Worship
  3. Future Events
  4. Journey Film Club
  5. Green Suggestion

The Pastoral Search Committee has been meeting regularly over recent months and we are getting close to the point where we will be able to advertise the position of permanent Pastor. Before we do that we would like to meet with any interested members of the congregation to talk through the work we have done, the paperwork we have produced and our plans for moving forward with the process. Therefore we will hold a congregational meeting on Sunday 15th June at 1pm and hope you will be able to attend.

AGM to held on the 1 June 2014

This will be a bring and share lunch


We are looking for new Board Members.

This is an exciting and demanding role. It provides me with a sounding board and looks at the strategies and safeguarding of Journey. We need to find a new Board for the successful development of our community. We are looking for people with a passion for our church.

There is a meeting each month two of 1.5 hours and one strategy meeting of 4 hours per quarter. There is also the role of representing the church. We might be able to find someone else to do say the book-keeping and the treasurer’s role is to manage and report on our finances.

Please prayerfully consider if you might be interested in such a role or you could recommend another member or friend. Please talk to me or another Board Member, come along to a Board Meeting and I will run a session for those interested.

Nomination forms are available

FW: Europe Network Newsletter (English Version)

From: Shannon Young [mailto:shannonyoung]
Sent: 09 May 2014 18:57
To: Jochen Gewecke
Subject: Europe Network Newsletter (English Version)

Dear friends,

it took a long time since I sent the last newsletter, I am sorry for this but was so busy with other network issues….

Here it is and I hope it finds you well.

God bless


The newsletter contains:

1. First Gay Marriage in Church in UK: at MCC Bournemouth

2. 10th anniversary of Journey MCC Birmingham

3. 20th anniversary of MCC Cologne

4. 25th anniversary of Living Springs MCC Bath

5. Commission on the Statement of Faith meets in Chicago/USA: Axel Schwaigert appointed

6. MCC on a Panel in Bristol

7. Mia Briggs now is Rev Mia Briggs

8. Prayer requests

9. Spanish and French translation will be provided soon

10. Wanted: Help with the newsletter

11. What is YOUR news?


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