Advent one

This is the first week of Advent the Church’s New Year. What do you do to prepare for Christmas? Letter to Santa, buy presents and food? So what is the Christmas story about? The birth of the baby Jesus. When we get gifts we want to show them off to friends and family may be play with them together. When we have a new baby brother or sister what do we do? Share the good news. May be you could share the news about the baby Jesus with friends? May be invite them to a service here? What do
you think I have here? What do you think is in the box, what is the present? I got someone to open it and reveal the baby Jesus. Pre or
post millennium rapture? That is the question. I could debate with you the end times and the exact order of the believers rising to meet Christ in the skies, the dead being raised to life, the re-
establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, the Holy Spirit’s restoring the cosmos to the way it was in the beginning before the Fall. I feel this might be a bit academic so I will leave it to coffee time if anyone wants to debate it then
What is important about the Bible
passages today? The theme of the Gospel is to be vigilant to be ever ready to meet Jesus. Yes it is about heaven and hell. Some people are attracted to the positive others repelled by a negative.
I think the
Gospel is most relevant about the now. I think the privilege of knowing Jesus now is radical and exciting. Being able to ask the Holy spirit to lead us is priceless being able to thank Father for all the beauty of creation and appreciate our blessings is so positive What effect does that have on our lives today? How would you live differently if you knew the world would end tomorrow? We are told we should live like that now. Living every day as if it is our last.
I think that being a
Christian is about knowing and loving Christ. In that case we should spend time with him. Relationships only work if we appreciate our time together respect each other. Listen and communicate together. Say thanks to each other. As I mentioned earlier when we opened the gift this message is for us all not just our young people. We should be called to give account of our faith giving our testimonies it used to be called. When we are asked at work or in a shop did you have a nice weekend? Do we take the opportunity to tell our neighbour that we went to church and may be even enjoyed it. Do we give an account of the many blessings in our lives that God has given us? Do we tell the story about what Christmas is really about? Do we invite our family and friends to church? A story I heard recently from URC Glasgow at Synod was of a Mother who couldn’t come to church when her sin and family was coming for lunch. Minister said why not? Tell him it will be half an hour later so you can go to church. He was perfectly fine with it and came to church before lunch next time. When did you last invite someone here?
Often Christians are seen as caring confidential and having faith. I do some part time chaplaincy work and people will come up to me and share a concern or problem. I might well say at the end that we can talk further if they wish. Also would they value my prayer? A few will want me to pray with them many will ask me to pray for them later. People have said I don’t believe in prayer but I think you do so please will you pray.
At Journey we believe in the priesthood of all
believers. That we are all in ministry together. Your prayers are a valuable as mine. You are free to listen to a friend as ask if they’d like you to pray for the situation for them
So lets explain what is
important to us to others and put Christ back into Christmas in whatever way that works for you. The message of peace and goodwill to hunmankind


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