Use your enthusiasm constructively

2 Thessalonians 3:6-13

We must be careful not criticising those who
can’t work
But complains at those who are disruptive, will not work,
and meddlers
We should not use our abilities to create chaos
highlights the importance of deeds
We should use our great abilities
to God’s glory and should be doing something useful

Luke 21:5-19

Warnings about rough times ahead with its natural disasters and personal suffering
Don’t try and work out a timetable – or you will
just be a meddler
But also – don’t be afraid – don’t even plan for
these times!
Get on with living today and when you suffer God will be
with you strengthening you
In the last couple of weeks we have had
Children in Need, Typhoon hitting the Philippines
Disasters are a
time to witness not preach/condemn or hand out time-tables help. We
will be equipped to speak and respond individually together with others
world community


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