We celebrated All Saints – those martyrs and saints who have died serving Christ and inspire us to follow this radical faith
All Souls-
those friends and family whom we have known whom have gone before us to Heaven and are celebrating there and looking after us.
Diwali the
Hindu, Jain and Sikh festival of light and is like Christmas
All Saints Day
is a time when the church honours those who died as witnesses of the Christian Faith. These were faithful people who refused to deny Christ. There were many thousands of early Christian martyrs and over the years there are countless others who witnessed to Christ. Today, in many of our churches, the names of deceased members from the past year are read during the service on All Saints Day. Those whom we celebrate on this All Saints Day are people who loved/love their God. They are people whose strong faith is consistent with their behaviour. They may, in this life, suffer because of their witness to Christ. In their death, we believe they will experience no hunger, nor thirst and no longer will they be oppressed. They will inherit the Kingdom of God. We give thanks to God for their lives. We sing our thanks with joyful voices.

We remember the saints in the security of our hearts, those whom we have carried within us since childhood, and those with whom we speak in the dark moments of cold and loneliness and those who give us, by their example, the courage the go forth and prevail.
We praise those who
have made us holy from times past and we proclaim the saints of our own generations.
These great women and men of God are the ancient
foundations of our faith and our inspiration. God has sent them to us in times of loss and confusion. They have blessed us. They have led us. They have loved us. (Silence)
Let is celebrate those who have formed
Let us rejoice in the precious gift of their lives.
The saints
were not those who were perfect. They were parts of God’s creation that struggled and often failed and yet managed to raise up our faith in God and in one another. Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Sarah, Hannah, Joshua, David, Moses, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad and all the prophets of old. They led God’s people to God’s Light, (silence) For
those who had the courage to make a path for all to follow.
We strive
to walk upon their way.
We join our praises with all who have kept the
faith, all who have been loyal and true, all who have served and witnessed, We give thanks for those in our own time who have inspired us, for Florence Nightingale, for Thomas Merton, for Martin Luther King, for Gandhi who showed us the path of peace in order that we may proclaim peace. (Silence)
Let us see the presence of the saints among
us and let them lift us onto the path of goodness. Amen


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