When are we Pharisees?

Julia looked at 2 Timothy 4 fighting the good fight! Luke 18 the Pharisee and taxman
We are all prejudiced to a greater or lesser
extent. This reminds me of the song ‘Everyone is a Little Bit Racist’ from Avenue Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAcQYz4wG5g.This includes the usual ‘idealisation’ of Jesus being just like us whereas he was black and Jewish. There is a trap of believing that we are better than another because we read the Guardian rather than the Daily Mail. We can look down on those we consider worse than us. This is judgemental and wrong.
Yet we also need the confidence and to build up our self esteem and that of others. We must be careful not to put ourselves down, we need to value and utilise our talents and skills and be thankful for them. Paul in the letter to Timothy was saying others will let you down. May be his disciples were helping someone in greater need than him or did what they thought would help him but it wasn’t what Paul wanted or noticed. He forgives some friends and others he rewards for their support. Others Paul has a right go at, may be he is in a bad mood because of his suffering in prison.
We should reduce the rules
and stop being merely self –serving. We should be more community minded and putting others first. This does not mean not loving ourselves and looking after ourselves mind, body and spirit. In the end we need to rely on God and God will not let us down Alleluia!


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