Radical Theology Lectures 26 October 2013 Carrs Lane Centre

Dr Alistair McIntosh, a broadcaster and activist on social,
environmental and spiritual issues. http://www.carrslane.co.uk/news/radical-christian-faith. This was a great event attended by Pam and me. I went to the workshop on pastoral care and Liberation theology. We discussed the widows- the voiceless of society that are dis-empowered. What is our Christian duty and how do we ‘liberate’ these groups with being patronising? We need to listen to the disenfranchised and encourage then to speak up and
represent their views even if we disagree with them. The Blog was http://www.venturefortho.blogspot.co.uk/#! by Dr Kyle Stephen a Christian orthopaedic surgeon. He asks do all deserve the same level of health care? Do will still spend the NHS’s stretched resources replacing a hip for someone who is too old or a drug addict or has mental health issues? I hope we would say yes? If so what do we do to speak up for this and campaign for liberation?


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