28 April, 2013 19:08

Visions of hell and earth
Don’t take this sermon literally said Dave
Is the truth in all religions?
All are paths to God ?
Not for us
to judge but for God only to judge
Do I want to go to heaven if Hitler
is there?
Is it normal for me to want to go Hell? asked a girl on a the web
No was the evangelical reply. You dont understand what you are saying

Revelation 21:1-6 tells us the New Heaven and Earth with no weeping and all peaceful
A place with clouds and harps and angels
place to meet love ones
An everlasting praise service
All perfect
ordered changeless place
The cosmology of Jesus has the sky as a dome
and stars are pricks into heaven
The earth is flat
Hell is beneath the
dark sewers
Hell is used to scare us into believing
The idea springs
from our sense of justice
Those who are getting away with bad things
now will be punished in the next life
Those unfairly suffering now will
be rewarded forever
Acts 11 says all food is now clean or does it?

Peter didn’t eat the unclean animals
Its taken back to heaven after he
was offered the food three times. Peter doesnt break the Jewish Kosher rules
There is curiosity for the forbidden an attraction to defile ourselves
William Blake wrote ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’
quest for purity and perfection leads to dangerous modes of behaviour and mental health problems
The search for a pure Aaron race let to
concentration camps
The tension of dynamics and stability
The balance
of desire and fulfilment
Let us use visions to inspire our creative
Dave Waring


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