3 April, 2013 09:44

The Sunday before last we started Holy Week looking forward from a snowy winters day to the hope of spring with Palm Sunday
We looked at Jesus riding on a donkey at the start of Holy Week leading up to Good Friday’s crucifixion and Easter Sunday’s resurrection What did Jesus want to communicate? Yes he wasn’t the military leader with a Roman chariot showing off power and prestige. Many Jews wanted him to raise an army to overthrow the oppressive Romans and re-establish the Kingdom of Israel He did not come with the pomp and horses of the Jewish kings and authorities. He wasn’t lording over the people looking down on them from his high horse He came on a pack animal in peace, at the same head height as the crowd He came a the prophets predicted a Messiah would. He was challenging the status quo and the religious authorities What sort of leadership do we want to see? Both as we lead at work or morally as salt and light. What leadership do we want to be under in the form of church or government or work?
Do we see a place for strong direct leadership even dictation eg in an emergency to evacuate a building when there is a fire?
Is consensus helpful or too time consuming? What about theocracy? How does God lead us and are there consequences of saying no?
How is your Easter Week going? Where are you on the road to Golgotha and beyond?

Rev Stephen Bentley


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